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Nalu Healing Arts is more than a Holistic Medical Spa; we are a tropical sanctuary where the Aloha Spirit thrives in the heart of San Diego.


Our mission is to share this space, integrating healing and community. We blend ancient healing traditions with modern techniques to promote health & vitality. Dedicated to rebalancing the mind and body, we offer a wide variety of carefully curated modalities to support the body's natural ability to heal.


A safe space for self-discovery, wellness, and building a supportive community empowering individuals through their wellness journey.

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Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something isn’t flowing properly.

Acupuncture is proven to reduce pain

by improving blood circulation to relax the muscles allowing more fluid and nutrients to nourish the affected area.

A major root cause of pain is stress

another common ailment we treat is mental and emotional health.

We use sound healing in our sessions,

it vibrates us on a cellular level, breaking up stagnation and calming the mind & nervous system.

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