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Nalu Healing Arts

The word Nalu means ‘wave’ in Hawaiian. I was blessed with this name by my Kumu growing up dancing Hawaiian Hula on the island of Oahu. To ‘Nalu-it’ means to go with the flow. Anyone who learns how to swim in the ocean, knows you don't fight the waves, you ride them, you flow with them, and you play with them. “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”.

Imagine you are sitting on the ocean floor, rooted deep where it is quiet, calm & still.

There may be a hurricane hitting the surface creating crashing waves & chaos, but because you are rooted deep into the stillness, what happens on the surface doesn’t affect your sense of security. It still affects you, and the destruction may seem unbearable, but you know it is temporary & it will pass.

It doesn’t matter what’s happening on the surface if your root foundation is strong. Nothing can shake your core because deep in the stillness you are safe.

Nalu Healing Arts is a space for connecting to that stillness. Getting to the root of an ailment in order for the surface symptoms to dissipate.

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