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Fire cupping is a traditional method of pulling deep stagnant blood to the surface of the body, bringing fresh oxygenated blood flow to the deeper layers of the muscles. By breaking up stagnation, trigger points and scar tissue, the body is able to move more freely after a treatment. The marks may be different colors depending on how chronic or acute the condition of the muscle is. The darker the cupping mark, the more chronic and stagnant the blood flow is in the area. The marks will last up to 7-10 days. These marks are usually painless, broken capillaries, sending a signal to the brain that there is a “minor” injury in the area, so the body will continually send blood and lymph to the area throughout the duration of the marks.

Cupping can also help shorten the length of a cold or flu, and break up phlegm in the lungs due to a cough from both being ill and/or from asthma.

Cupping aftercare:

Cupping pulls up toxins that have been resting in the body in areas of stagnation. In order to properly flush these toxins, it is advised to drink a lot of water.

Cupping activates the lymph system by causing temporary inflammation, so the body will be working hard to release muscles and detoxify the body. It is advised for the 1st day to stay away from submerging in cold water like the ocean. No heavy sweating, if you plan on working out, try to get the work out in before cupping. If you must work out after cupping, try to keep it a light sweat. Cover up to protect from wind, cold &/or sun. No alcohol. Cupping releases a lot of toxins into the body, if you do indulge in alcohol the same day of receiving cupping, the hangover may be brutal, and it will dehydrate the muscles, causing them pain.

Cupping is used to treat:

Neck & Back Pain

Sciatic pain

Cellulite Treatments


Breathing Issues

Stiff Muscles






Weightloss & Bloating

Lumbar Disc Herniation

Cervical Spondylosis

Strengthens Immune System


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