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Austin Shutler

Yoga Instructor for Nalu Healing Arts

Austin initially gravitated towards Yoga due to his love for functional movement medicine, injury prevention, and dynamic body strength training through mobility and flexibility. Also A licensed physical therapist practicing since 2021, he has a passion for holistic health/wellness, science, longevity, movement, and rehabilitation. Diving deeper into the world of yoga, he soon realized that there is much more to it than simply the asana practice, and found a deep connection to Yogic philosophy, intuitive guidance, mindfulness, meditation, and being in service to the world to help play a role in unifying the mind, body, and spirit. He aspires to help bring awareness to the breath, body, and presence in the now, while sharing with others the powerful organic healing abilities of these magical vessels we live in. Through breath, kinesiology, and balance, Austin hopes to enhance your individual connection to yourself and to others, and strives to leave you with a feeling of Zen.

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Winner of San Diego Reader’s Best Medical Spa & Best Acupuncturist in 2021

Winner of the San Diego Union Tribune’s Best Medical Spa in 2021

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