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We love you so much San Diego!!! 🥂

Words. I can’t.

When the BEST city recognizes @sennaservati & I as the best Acupuncturists, there are no words, just tears. I continue to be in disbelief that this is real life.

The amount of love & support we receive from our patients is the only reason we are being recognized today. Not only do we get to live out our dream life with our dream careers with the dream team in our favorite city, we know that we wouldn’t be here without all of YOU who prioritize your health & self care

We love you so much San Diego!!! 🥂

An extra special congrats to @sennaservati for being the master herbalist that she is, her apothecary is the best quality, and she puts so much love & intention in everything she makes, I am so proud to have her with me!!

& having such an amazing massage therapist @makeyourselfwell is the icing on the cake! We get to watch her go through acupuncture school, 4 years of blood sweat & tears, you got this babe!


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