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I went to Nalu Healing Arts for my first time yesterday and had to leave a great review. It was my third time ever doing acupuncture and I admit this time was far superior than my last experiences. Tiffany was an aficionado and shared so much information about the methods she was using and how it applied to my body personally.

It was really incredible to experience so many new feelings I’ve never felt within my own body. Twitches, clenches, tons of release, lots of energy shifting around that was undeniable. My body feels tuned up!

She did a massage, acupuncture (with some singing bowls!) and cupping and the combo was really something quite unique and special. I thought to myself the entire session how badly I’ve needed to do this for myself. I also kept thinking more people should be doing this type of fine tuning with a professional.

Tiffany was wonderful, I highly recommend and look forward to returning for another session. Thanks so much Tiffany I’m so happy I came in!

By: Zach's Scuba Shack

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