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Men's Circle: THE RING by Dennis Ray & Eric Uresk

The importance of such gatherings lies in the unique benefits they offer for men's well-being and personal growth.

Listen to Eric and Dennis describe the Men's Circle and why they started it.

THE RING (donation based only) is a gathering specifically designed for men to come together and connect regularly. These circles provide a safe and supportive environment where men can share their thoughts, emotions, and experiences without judgment or expectations.

This two-hour event provides a space for authentic expression. In many societies, men are often expected to uphold certain societal norms and stereotypes that restrict their emotional range and vulnerability. Men's circles offer an alternative space where individuals can break free from these expectations and be their true selves.

By sharing their stories and challenges, men can foster a deeper sense of authenticity and build connections based on genuine experiences. The act of sharing in a men's circle can also lead to a greater understanding of oneself. Through active listening and empathy, participants can expand their self-awareness and develop a broader perspective of masculinity and personal growth.

THE RING Mens’ Circle at Nalu Healing Arts, offers a vital space for men to gather and connect. The importance of men's circles lies in their ability to nurture emotional well-being, encourage open dialogue, and empower individuals to become more balanced and compassionate members of society.



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