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Jessica House

Yoga Instructor for Nalu Healing Arts

Jessica is a yoga instructor, sound practitioner, holistic health coach, registered nurse, and health & wellness enthusiast! It is her passion to cultivate experiences for people to connect deeply to themselves, to the world around them, and to others. Jessica incorporates physical, mental, and spiritual components to her classes to create a meditative space for her students to self-inquire and apply what they learn to their everyday lives. Jessica believes in the concept of bio-individuality when it comes to healing. She honors that we are all unique, and that what works for one person might not for another. She integrates a variety of tools like somatic embodiment practices and sound to help regulate the nervous system. Jessica is fascinated by the affect that different vibrations and frequencies have on the nervous system, and hopes to assist her students to experience deep states of relaxation for healing to occur.


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Winner of San Diego Reader’s Best Medical Spa & Best Acupuncturist in 2021

Winner of the San Diego Union Tribune’s Best Medical Spa in 2021

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