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January 5-11, 2023 🌊 A Nalu Healing Retreat

About this trip

This week along the beautiful beaches of Southern Nicaragua for the Nalu Healing Retreat 2.0 is a complete healing experience that will leave your entire system revitalized and restored. Enjoy the raw beauty of untouched coastline and vibrant, friendly culture that reminds you to appreciate the simple things in life.

Tiffany Nalu Cooley guides a transformational journey of exploration, connection, movement, and holistic healing while adventuring together and creating new memories and experiences.

Each day is infused with yoga, acupuncture, sound healing, guided meditations, oracle readings, and opportunities to enjoy the warm tropical waves, low tide beach walks, relaxing poolside with a Pina Colada, or practicing your Spanish with our friendly staff.

In addition to plenty of relaxation, this retreat includes a full day trip to the majestic Isla de Ometepe, the largest freshwater volcanic island in the world formed by two volcanoes in the middle of Lake Nicaragua.

Additional activities and excursions are available, including surf lessons, boat trips, salsa lessons, Spanish lessons, hiking, additional day trips, etc.

2022 Nalu Healing Retreat


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