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Family constellations | Ancestral healing

by Clinical Psychologist, Lorena Martinez

Family constellations

Ancestral healing 90 mins


Sustain ancestral work can help heal intergenerational patterns of family dysfunction and energy disruption. By working the unconscious information, and spiritually with ancestors and our lineages, one can understand and transform patterns of pain, abuse, heartbreaks, financial loss, and others, while also gradually reclaiming all the power and the wisdom of the lineage. this sustained work creates a ripple among the living and past ancestors, and family members, thus elevating the timelines for everyone in the lineage and for the ones to come. this work supports us in moving beyond identifying with the victim consciousness and instead embodying what is beautiful and helpful from our past experiences and those of our ancestors.

The session includes a comprehensive evaluation of the lineage patterns, including energy healing and a quantum meditation to heal with the inner child and the ancestors in other to write a new history in our unconscious and sustain energetic change.

This is a deep healing space.

You will receive your quantum meditation to continue the healing journey.

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