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Bethany Marie

Intuitive Healer and Yoga Practitioner for Nalu Healing Arts

Bethany completed the highest level of certification as a Spiritual Leader & Teacher through SIGH (School of Intuitive Greater Healing). She was trained under one of the Top 50 Psychics in the country and has provided her offerings since 2016. She heals beautiful souls of trauma, energetic blocks, the inability to manifest or create, relationship and familial karmic agreements, as well finding answers through past life regression and accessing the akashic records. Bethany's purpose is to share her gifts to help others in their ability to connect with themselves fully.

What I connect with most in my practice is that I don’t do all of the work for you. I work with what your energy and soul shares with me and we work out your imbalances together. I teach my clients energetic tools that they can use for the rest of their life. There are so many tools I can share with you to bring about your best life experiences and help you move forward on your path with confidence and peace.

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Winner of San Diego Reader’s Best Acupuncturist

Winner of San Diego Reader’s Best Herbal Apothecary

Winner of San Diego Reader’s Best Medical Spa

Winner of San Diego Reader’s Best Massage Therapist Finalist


Winner of San Diego Reader’s Best Medical Spa & Best Acupuncturist in 2021

Winner of the San Diego Union Tribune’s Best Medical Spa in 2021

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