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What we do at Nalu Healing Arts is incorporate different healing modalities that the body responds to at different levels using Eastern Medicine. We offer Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, fire cupping, electro-stimulation, micro needing for the face & body, moxibustion, crystal sound bowls, dietary and nutritional advice, and facial rejuvenation, gua sha, and lifestyle advice.

Nalu Healing Arts
Medical Spa

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The Season of Abundance

Let's bring our bodies back into balance for the summer!

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Crew Love

Get to know the Nalu Healing Arts Team


Certified Massage Therapist & Reiki Master


Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Owner & Master Herbalist of Sahkara Apothecary


Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Owner & founder of Nalu Healing Arts

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Nalu Healing Arts is located in Longevity Lounge

A detox-based wellness spa in the seaside town of Pacific Beach, San Diego.

4747 Mission Blvd #7, San Diego, CA 92109

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Acupuncture for pain relief

Acupuncture for Pain Relief

One of the most common ailments we treat is pain management.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Why we use sound healing in our sessions

Mental and Emotional Health

Another common ailment we treat is mental and emotional health.

Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something isn’t flowing properly. Acupuncture is proven to reduce pain by improving blood circulation to relax the muscles allowing more fluid and nutrients to nourish the affected area.  

Orthopedic acupuncture works by inserting a needle into the motor point of a muscle belly where the contracted nerves meet, causing the muscle to contract, resetting the muscle & reminding it that it no longer needs to be contracted.  This technique is proven to reduce and/or relieve pain immediately.  

Acupuncture & cupping increases circulation at the site of an injury, relaxes tight muscles, reduces overall muscle fatigue and soreness to speed up recovery.  It also calms the nervous system to help regulate the “fight or flight” response.  It is important to rest the mind and spirit in order to optimize health. Our sessions work on the root cause of the pain, allowing for the body to heal properly.

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Crystal sound bowls omit a vibrational sound. If you play them next to a bowl of water, you will see the water vibrating. Because the human body is made up of 70% water, when we play the bowls next to the body, it vibrates us on a cellular level, breaking up stagnation & calming the mind & nervous system. When we play them next to the body during Acupuncture, we can see the needles vibrating. This micro stimulation on the acu points help to strengthen the treatment, calm the nervous system, & speeding up the healing process. 

A major root cause for pain is stress. When our stress levels are high, our bodies are in a constant state of fight or flight, which releases the hormone cortisol.  This hormone can help us get through stressful times, but it dehydrates the muscles, affects our digestive systems, and wreaks havoc on our nervous system.  (I will continue this write up at a later time)


what to expect for your next visit

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A Nalu Healing Retreat

On the beautiful beaches of Southern Nicaragua.

Tiffany Nalu Cooley guides a transformational journey of exploration, connection, movement, and holistic healing while adventuring together and creating new memories and experiences.


June 16th - 22nd, 2022

Southern Nicaragua